famous buildings that you MUST see 19. Villa Savoye


>Villa Savoye was originally built as
a country retreat for the Savoye
family in 1928

Designed by Swiss architects Le
and his cousin, Pierre
Jeanneret, Villa Savoye is an early
and classic example of the International style a major
architectural style that emerged in
the 1920s and 30s.
The property was built in 1928 and,
after surviving several demolition
plans, was designated as an official
French historical monument in 1965.

Comming soon ~~Burj Khalifa


famous buildings that you MUST see 18. Flatiron building

famous building

>Chicago architect Daniel Burnham
designed the distinctive Flatiron
building, which is instantly
recognisable in New York’s skyline

The eye-catching Flatiron building in
Manhattan was designed by Chicago
architect Daniel Burnham and built
in 1902. The distinctive triangular
shape allowed the building to fill the
space located at the intersection of
Fifth Avenue and Broadway.
Another of New York’s skyscrapers, it
was never the tallest but remains
one of the most memorable and has
been a source of inspiration for
artists and architects for over a
century now.

Daniel Burnham—>>https://architectbd.wordpress.com/2013/08/18/daniel-hudson-burnham1846-1912/

famous buildings that you MUST see 17. Guggenheim Museum,Bilbao


>Architect Frank Gehry developed
the unique concept for the museum
after winning an architectural
competition to design the building

The Guggenheim museum Bilbao is
one of the most admired works of
contemporary architecture.
California-based Canadian-American
architect Frank Gehry created the
unique concept after winning an
architectural competition to design
the building.
Since the museum doors opened in
1997, it has been hailed one of the
most important buildings of the 20th
century. Now with over a decade of
success, the museum has homed
over a hundred exhibitions and has
welcomed more than 10 million

famous buildings that you MUST see 16. Pantheon


>Built approximately 2000 years
ago, the Pantheon continues to
inspire architects all over the world

Rome is home to many amazing
buildings, and the Pantheon is no
exception. And, like the city itself, it
was not built in a day. Destroyed
twice and rebuilt each time, the
building started as a rectangular
structure, which, over time, evolved
into the gorgeous dome building
seen today.
An inspiration to architects all over
the world over the last 2,000 years,
the Pantheon roof remains the
world’s largest unreinforced
concrete dome. There is much
debate between historians over
which emperor and architects were
responsible for the Pantheon’s
design although it is known that this
‘Temple of the Gods’ was built
around 126AD.